Our Story 

Born From a Beach Daydream

At the end of the tough year 2020, when we all needed a break, we often found ourselves daydreaming of just chilling on a gorgeous beach. It was in that moment that the idea for Borabora Swimwear was born — a brand built on the pillars of sustainability and quality. Right from the start, our mission was clear: To make fashion with a positive impact.


Style with Purpose

Our mission is your conscious and sustainable elegance. We dedicate time to explore new ideas, trends and innovative designs, always keeping sustainability in mind. We carefully select the most luxurious Italian fabrics, crafted from plastic waste reclaimed from the oceans, to bring Borabora Swimwear to life as you know it today.

Our Values

At Borabora, our passion is conscious and sustainable fashion. We believe in transparency, openly sharing our process and efforts to inspire positive change. Borabora is more than just a fashion brand; it's a dedication to transforming the industry towards awareness and sustainability. It all begins with our passion, innovation, transparency, and the positive impact we create, working collaboratively as a team to bring the essence of Borabora to life.
Your Style, Our Purpose

Your Style, Our Purpose

Three years of passion and commitment drive us, as we continue our journey towards a greener future. Borabora Swimwear creates not just fashion, but a legacy of sustainability, quality and durability. Join us on this exciting journey!